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Why is so difficult to pack on lean muscle mass without drugs? The primary reason is when you train intensely enough to stimulate growth, you’re also saturating your system with CORTISOL.

Cortisol is an overpowering catabolic hormone -- it actually prevents rapid growth from happening after you train. It makes the gains from intense workouts few and far between. In fact, every time you encounter stress -- be it from training, a lack of sleep, day-to-day worries, or simply driving in traffic -- your body’s ‘‘fight-or-flight’’ responses kick in, pumping out cortisol, which smothers muscle growth. It’s like throwing a wet blanket on a raging campfire. No wonder you have such a hard time gaining muscle -- your workout stimulates, then cortisol annihilates.

C9-T112.0 suppressess cortisol, disarming the catabolic bomb and supercharging the anabolic, hypertrophic response mechanisms. C9-T112.0 enables you to break through old genetic-cortisol limitations and unleash your mass potential.

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How it works

Every time your body is subjected to stress, your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is stimulated, saturating your system with the powerful catabolic hormone cortisol, stifling muscle growth. C9-T112.0 controls cortisol production, creating an explosive anabolic environment.

Step One

Research shows the medical-grade Phosphatidylserine (PS) included in C9-T112.0 may reduce cortisol by as much as 30% after intense exercise. It’s thought PS works by helping re-sensitize the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis to cortisol, thus reducing its overproduction.

Step Two

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research may explain the mechanism behind Conjugated Linoleic Acid’s (CLA) ability to build muscle and burn fat. Researchers tested the effect of 3 weeks of CLA supplementation on the acute hormone response to a bout of strength training. Results showed that after training, there was a larger increase in testosterone in the CLA group, as well as a more favorable testosterone-to-cortisol ratio. C9-T112.0 provides a potent 5,400 mg of medical-grade Conjugated Linoleic Acids per daily serving -- fueling a greater anabolic training response.

Step Three

Finally, high-potency, medical-grade ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is included in C9-T112.0 because research shows it allows the body to quickly clear remaining cortisol from the bloodstream -- further tipping the scales from muscle catabolism back in favor of a positive anabolic state.

Tested on Athletes

Unlike other products -- which, as ‘‘scientific proof,’’ cite research carried out on lab mice or morbidly obese test subjects who’ve probably never lifted a weight in their lives -- the pharmaceutical-grade ingredients provided in high dosages in C9-T112.0 have backing from published university research conducted on actual hard-training athletes.

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30% DECREASE IN CORTISOL POST-EXERCISE: Studies examining athletes involved in weight training, cycling and endurance running show that PS can markedly reduce cortisol levels. Studies show that PS taken orally can decrese cortisol by more than 30 percent after intense exercise, either endurance1 or weight training.2

In the book Phosphatidylserine: Promise for Athletic Performance by Edmund Burke, Thomas Fahey, Ed.D., the authors conclude: ‘‘As far the effect of PS on corticosteroids is concerned, it can be used as a natural substitute for anabolic steroids. PS depresses cortisol production, while anabolic steroids block the action of cortisol by cross-binding with the corticosteroid receptor site."3


9-FOLD INCREASE IN ARM GIRTH OVER PLACEBO: A relationship between CLA supplementation and muscle size and strength was first reported in 1997.4 In a placebo-controlled study, 24 male novice bodybuilders were supplemented with CLA or a vegetable oil placebo while completing 6 weeks of bodybuilding exercises. Arm circumference and skin-fold measurements showed arm girth increased 9-fold in CLA group compared with the placebo.

30-POUND STRENGTH INCREASE: A separate double-blind, placebo-controlled human study with similar design showed that after 28 days of supplementation, the CLA group increased their strength by almost 30 pounds in lifts compared to only 9.5 lbs in the placebo group.5 Blood urea nitrogen levels were lower in men supplemented with CLA, suggesting an anabolic effect.


57% DECREASE IN CORTISOL: Cortisol response was 57 percent lower after exercise in the Vitamin C group compared to placebo.

24-HOUR CORTISOL-BLUNTING EFFECTS: Another 2008 study had men take Vitamin C pre-workout and do 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Post-workout cortisol levels declined much faster than a placebo group and the effect was evident immediately after exercise, and at 2 and 24 hours post-workout.

scientific research

straight from the source

REAL RESEARCH. REAL RESULTS. A daily serving of C9-T112.0 contains all PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE ingredients in research-tested amounts: 5,400 mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acids (including the highly bio-available cis-9, trans-11 isomer), 300 mg of Phosphatidylserine, and 300 mg of Ascorbic Acid -- all delivered in timed-release capsules manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility. But rather than take our word for the efficacy of these ingredients, read about it yourself: STRAIGHT FROM EXPERT SOURCES...

30-POUND STRENGTH INCREASE Ferreira and colleages found after 28 days, the CLA group increased their strength by almost 30 lbs.

University of Memphis researchers gave 27 experienced weight trainers either 5.6g CLA/day or an olive oil placebo, and found that CLA improved their strength in the bench press and leg press by 13.6 kg compared with the placebo group’s 4.3 kg.6


9-FOLD BICEPS BOOST Ferreira and colleagues found strength-training men supplementing with CLA experienced a 9-fold increase in arm girth compared with placebo.

Arm girth increased from 7175 +/- 978 to 7562 +/- 1000 mm2 in the CLA group compared with the placebo (from 7777 +/- 1532 to 7819 +/- 1516 mm2). The greater increase in arm girth in the CLA group suggests that more muscle was built in the CLA group than the placebo group.


30+% DECREASE IN CORTISOL Studies shows PS taken orally can reduce cortisol by more than 30 percent after intense exercise.

The supplementation of phosphatidylserine was shown to reduce peak cortisol levels (-39%), and improve the extended testosterone to cortisol ratio (+184%), compared to placebo.


BURN AB FAT Several studies have confirmed a significant decrease in abdominal fat in people taking CLA.

CLA has marked effects in humans as well and has been found to decrease body fat mass and support muscle mass in overweight humans.57-60

For example, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that those who were given CLA for a 4 week period had significant decreases in abdominal fat.61

Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete: The Anabolic Edge: Dr. Mauro G. DiPasquale

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